2018 Playoffs Round One Preview

2018 Round One Playoff Preview – Lets do those playoffs! First though David, Nathan, and Mark revisit the final NHL Central standings, recap their horrible pre-season picks, finish off the final three games of the year, and run down all the first round match-ups. Then on to what you all want– Predators versus Avalanche! David breaks down the regular season stats, Mark profiles the Avs top six contributors, and Nathan profiles the Preds top six. Finally, the guys give you their predictions for round one.

Episode 26 – 4/3 – 4/7

Episode #26 – In the last regular season episode of the podcast the guys fine and suspend one another while updating you on the NHL Central Division Standings, reviewing games versus the Wild, Sharks, Sabres, and Lightning. They talk about the tight playoff race, the impending Tennessee Titans jersey refresh, and discuss what would happen in an emergency goalie situation. Finally, they prepare you for the final games of the regular season against the Panthers, Capitals, and Blue Jackets.

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Episode 25 – 3/27 – 4/2

Episode #25 – Nathan is left to his own devices and brings you the Central Division Update, Recaps a rough week versus the Leafs, Wild, and Jets, urges Predators fans to R-E-L-A-X, brings you up to speed on Tolvanen Warning, and goes over the changes to goalie interference. Finally, in the Predators Week Ahead Nathan prepares you for games against the Wild, Sharks, Sabres, and Lightning.

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