Episode 17 – 1/30 – 2/5

Episode #17 – David, Mark, and Nathan are back at it with the Ford Ice D-League update–Nathan’s team Mid Ice Crisis wins the Stanley Keg, Mark celebrates the Blackhawks last place spot in the Central Division Update, the guys bring you up to speed on a short week versus the Lightning and Devils, recap the NHL Skills Competition & 3v3 tournament, and begin a three-part series on the trade deadline. Finally, in the Preds Week Ahead there’s a preview of games versus the Chicago Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings, and New York Rangers (Vesey STILL sucks!)

Episode 16 – 1/23 – 1/29

Episode #16 – David, Mark, and Nathan are back after taking their own bye-week with a list of their biggest fan faux pas–“Woo’ing loses games.” The guys also recap games versus Oilers, Golden Knights, Coyotes, and Panthers, provide you with an overview of the All Star captains, and the Central Division roster. Finally, in the Preds Week Ahead give you the lowdown on games versus the Lightning, and Devils. Now go watch the Bachelor!

Episode 15 – 1/9 – 1/16

Episode #15 – David, Mark, and Nathan celebrate as the Blackhawks fall to last place in the Central Division, review games against the Golden (yellow) Knights, Coyotes, and Kings, remind you why they don’t do pick’em anymore, and update you on Central Division rookies thus far. Finally, in the Preds Week Ahead they prepare you for upcoming games pre bye-week versus the Oilers, then afterwards versus the Golden (yellow) Knights, and Coyotes. Déjà vu!?

Episode 14 – 1/3 – 1/8

Episode #14 – David, Mark, and Nathan wish you a happy new year as they bring you Central Division Updates (the Blackhawks are second-to-last, YAY!), review games against the Blues and Wild. The guys then bring you their own Predators Top 10 of 2017, then ring in the new year with a Preds Resolution. Last but certainly not least they prepare you for upcoming games versus the Yellow (Golden) Knights, Coyotes, and Kings. It’s going to be a late week of Preds hockey– coffee up!

Episode 13 – 12/25- 1/2

Episode #13 – David, Nathan, and Mark are each in separate states recording their Festivus episode. Mark updates you on Festivus miracles (NHL Central division update), then the airing of grievances (Predators Week in Review) as the Predators only manage to steal one point in a shootout loss to the Stars. Mark and David then do a deep-dive into the corsi, heat maps, and a penalty breakdown from the past three games to determine if this is a fluke or a larger issue. Finally, we bring you the Feats of Strength (Predators Week Ahead) with games versus the Blues and Wild. Happy Festivus for the rest of us!