David’s Apology for picking the Blackhawks over the Predators

Dear Mark, Nathan, Nashville, Listeners of Down South Hockey, Nashville Predators, Fans of the Nashville Predators, Citizens of Smashville, Friends, Family, and the Chicago Blackhawks,

Prior to Round 1 on the Podcast and up through game 2, I made the prediction that the Chicago Blackhawks would beat the Nashville Predators in 5 games. I was proven wrong. I was completely, utterly, and unequivocally proven wrong. For this grave mistake, I apologize.

In making this mistake, I betrayed the trust of so many in the Nashville Predators community and all I can do is say that I am truly and deeply sorry for my mistake and ask for your forgiveness.

I hope that I do not make such a grave mistake again, but thankfully, even though I made such a mistake, it did not impact the team’s play on the ice, the fans support in the stands, nor the ultimate result of a sweep.

Please accept this as my apology and Go Preds!


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