Predators Jerseys — Best, Worst, Honorable Mention

In the fourth episode of the 2017-18 podcast Nathan and David discussed the NHL’s new Adidas jersey and some of the alternate jerseys for predators fans. Here are some pictures comparing the various jerseys. Warning, some of these are downright awful! Have you purchased a new jersey yet, or are you planning on rocking that threadbare Reebok or mustard yellow jersey for a few more seasons? Let us know in the comments below!



By far the worst jersey we’ve ever seen in our life


Best: Hands down the Adidas Jersey… anything else would have been abnormal!

Worst: The Target children’s jersey. Don’t even buy this for someone unless you hate kids or something. You know, even if you hate someone don’t buy this!

Honorable Mention: Our Chinese knockoff was surprisingly good and arrived right as the Adidas jerseys were available in the Predators Pro Shop.


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