About Us


Has Been a Predators fan since the first season in Nashville.  Similar to Nathan, he took a break when he attended college, but since returning, has been going to games as much as possible. 

Mark has been a season ticket holder since the 2010 season.  My day job is a software developer.  Find Mark on Twitter @diggforbeer.




Became a true fan of the Nashville Predators during the 2011-2012 season.  He had recently moved back to Nashville after finishing school and his first few years of working in various cities in West Tennessee.

Dave’s favorite memory from that season was being at the game where the Predators defeated the Detroit Red Wings at home to move on to the Western Conference semi-finals.  Since that season, he’s been hooked on Nashville Predators Hockey.  Go Preds!  Find David on twitter @david53639.



John (JC)

As one of the last existing Nashville natives, started following the Predators in 2009 and has been a fan ever since.

His loves include his wife, son, music, hockey, and football. He loves talking  Predators hockey and dreams of the day that they finally make Nashville a championship city. Find John on Twitter @JohnJSoundWave.



Attended Predators games since the first season but never really followed the team closely. When he moved back to Middle-Tennessee, he picked up where he left of and is now the thick of Preds Nation. Nathan’s claim to fame is staying for the entirety of the longest playoff game in franchise history. 

He’s an expert in the jersey import business, educator/Excel-Game enthusiast by day, and a rock star drummer by night. Find Nathan on Twitter @DSHshow.