Episode 17 – 1/30 – 2/5

Episode #17 – David, Mark, and Nathan are back at it with the Ford Ice D-League update–Nathan’s team Mid Ice Crisis wins the Stanley Keg, Mark celebrates the Blackhawks last place spot in the Central Division Update, the guys bring you up to speed on a short week versus the Lightning and Devils, recap the NHL Skills Competition & 3v3 tournament, and begin a three-part series on the trade deadline. Finally, in the Preds Week Ahead there’s a preview of games versus the Chicago Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings, and New York Rangers (Vesey STILL sucks!)

Episode 16 – 1/23 – 1/29

Episode #16 – David, Mark, and Nathan are back after taking their own bye-week with a list of their biggest fan faux pas–“Woo’ing loses games.” The guys also recap games versus Oilers, Golden Knights, Coyotes, and Panthers, provide you with an overview of the All Star captains, and the Central Division roster. Finally, in the Preds Week Ahead give you the lowdown on games versus the Lightning, and Devils. Now go watch the Bachelor!

Episode 15 – 1/9 – 1/16

Episode #15 – David, Mark, and Nathan celebrate as the Blackhawks fall to last place in the Central Division, review games against the Golden (yellow) Knights, Coyotes, and Kings, remind you why they don’t do pick’em anymore, and update you on Central Division rookies thus far. Finally, in the Preds Week Ahead they prepare you for upcoming games pre bye-week versus the Oilers, then afterwards versus the Golden (yellow) Knights, and Coyotes. Déjà vu!?

Episode 14 – 1/3 – 1/8

Episode #14 – David, Mark, and Nathan wish you a happy new year as they bring you Central Division Updates (the Blackhawks are second-to-last, YAY!), review games against the Blues and Wild. The guys then bring you their own Predators Top 10 of 2017, then ring in the new year with a Preds Resolution. Last but certainly not least they prepare you for upcoming games versus the Yellow (Golden) Knights, Coyotes, and Kings. It’s going to be a late week of Preds hockey– coffee up!

Episode 13 – 12/25- 1/2

Episode #13 – David, Nathan, and Mark are each in separate states recording their Festivus episode. Mark updates you on Festivus miracles (NHL Central division update), then the airing of grievances (Predators Week in Review) as the Predators only manage to steal one point in a shootout loss to the Stars. Mark and David then do a deep-dive into the corsi, heat maps, and a penalty breakdown from the past three games to determine if this is a fluke or a larger issue. Finally, we bring you the Feats of Strength (Predators Week Ahead) with games versus the Blues and Wild. Happy Festivus for the rest of us!

Episode 12 – 12/19- 12/24

Episode #12 – David and Nathan are pumped to bring you a great week of Predators hockey! Nathan recaps the Central Division standings with the Preds in first place, review games from the Western Canada trip versus the Canucks, Oilers, and Flames, then dive into the numbers comparing the 16-17 team to this 17-18 team through 32 games. Finally, we bring you an upcoming week of games versus the Jets, Hurricane, and Stars.

Episode 11 – 12/13- 12/18

Episode #11 – Mark and Nathan recap the Ford Ice Your Mom versus Mid-Ice Crisis game while considering a new segment; the Ford D-League standings. They quickly move on to update you on real hockey, with the Central Division standings, recap games against the Bruins, Stars, and first ever game against the Golden Knights. David and Nathan consider if James Neal would consider coming back to the Predators, then preview upcoming games versus the Canucks , Oilers, and Flames.

Episode 10 – 12/4- 12/12

Episode #10 – David and Nathan find out that Mark has a better agent than they do, so don’t expect Preds Week Ahead music anytime soon. Seriously though, we update you on Central Division standings, recap games against the Blackhawks, Canucks, and chippy game against the Ducks, then discuss the Preds third period– is it really as bad as it seems? Finally, there’s a preview of upcoming games versus the Bruins, Stars, and the expansion Golden Knights  in the music-less Predators Week Ahead.

Episode 9 – 11/28- 12/3

Episode #9 – Mark is out searching for Smith-like confidence leaving David and Nathan to update you on the Central Division standings, recap games against the Canadiens, Blues, and Hurricanes. They then dive into Craig Smith and Mattias Ekholm’s impact on the Predators. Finally, we preview you for upcoming games versus the Blackhawks, Canucks, and Ducks in the Predators Week Ahead.

Episode 8 – 11/20- 11/28

Episode #8 – Mark makes it two episodes in a row and Nathan protests all the penalties!  The trifecta update you on the NHL Central standings, recap games against the Capitals, Wild, and Avalanche. We discuss the Predators league-leading penalty minutes and dive into some causes and outcomes. Finally, we preview you for upcoming games versus the Jets, Canadiens, Blues, and Hurricanes in the Predators Week Ahead.

Episode 7 – 11/14- 11/19

Episode #7 – We activate David from IR and welcome Mark back from a podcast conditioning stint to anchor episode seven of the podcast. The guys update you on the NHL Central standings, recap games against the Blue Jackets and Penguins, Nathan leads a “State of the Unit” discussion, and the trio prepares you for upcoming games versus the Capitals, Wild, and Avalanche. Exciting episode

Episode 6 – 11/7- 11/13

Episode #6 – Nathan’s running solo with your Central Division Updates, Recaps the West Coast trip against the Sharks, Ducks, and Kings games. Then an overview of the huge three-way-trade between Ottawa, Colorado, and the Predators which provides Nashville much needed depth at center. Finally, a look at the week ahead and the Predators play the Blue Jackets, then the Penguins.

Episode 5 – 10/31- 11/6

Episode #4 –  Mark is off doing his best Juuse Saros impression leaving David and Nathan to update you on the NHL Central, Recap games against the Flames, Hawks, and Islanders, discuss the backup goalie troubles, and prepare you for the Preds West Coast road trip against the Sharks, Ducks, and Kings.

Predators Jerseys — Best, Worst, Honorable Mention

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In the fourth episode of the 2017-18 podcast Nathan and David discussed the NHL’s new Adidas jersey and some of the alternate jerseys for predators fans. Here are some pictures comparing the various jerseys. Warning, some of these are downright awful! Have you purchased a new jersey yet, or are you planning on rocking that threadbare Reebok or mustard yellow jersey for a few more seasons? Let us know in the comments below!



By far the worst jersey we’ve ever seen in our life


Best: Hands down the Adidas Jersey… anything else would have been abnormal!

Worst: The Target children’s jersey. Don’t even buy this for someone unless you hate kids or something. You know, even if you hate someone don’t buy this!

Honorable Mention: Our Chinese knockoff was surprisingly good and arrived right as the Adidas jerseys were available in the Predators Pro Shop.